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Pleat Styles for Miles

  We get asked all the time about pleats and pleat styles so here is a quick guide to help you when you're selecting the perfect pleat for your custom drapery.   Truly custom drapery comes with beautiful, structured pleats at the heading.  The industry standard is 4” long pleats but we offer 6” long [...]

Social Justice? How Do We Start?

Hey there friend! Thanks for popping over here to read my very basic, likely very flawed, and not exhaustive start guide for engaging with social justice and dipping your toe into action for change! So what is social justice you ask? "Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights [...]

Always Choose Custom Drapery

We've been making gorgeous custom drapery for over 35 years and this year we are celebrating 20 years as the business we are today!  The question we often get about custom drapery is "Why is the price point so much higher than readymade drapery?"  If you have had work done in your home or purchased [...]

What’s Holding You Back???

How can we make it easy for you? So I asked a question in my Instagram stories about what’s holding you back from placing your order for our perfect drapes and shades and this is what happened: “I don’t know which fabric and style I need” We are always happy to help guide you in […]

How High Should You Install Your Drapery???

We make gorgeous drapery every day and ship it all over Canada and the United States and so the fact that I've never written a blog about where to mount your drapery in relation to the window and the ceiling is a bit surprising because it's a question we answer multiple times a day for [...]

Black Friday Sale Info!!!

Every year we have our "Patience is a Virtue" Black Friday Week Sale and it's a crazy, excitement filled time in our studio as we help all of our lovely customers place their orders!  I'm not kidding when I say we take in a quarter or our entire year's orders in the sale!  It's bonkers!  [...]

What’s the Deal with Linings?

How on earth can I make the topic of drapery lining sexy?  It's possible I'm just not that talented but I'm going to give it a whirl! Figuring out which lining your treatment needs is a key part of the process whether it's sexy or not! We always recommend fully lining drapery and so we [...]

Linen Lowdown

We get asked all the time what the difference is between each of our core lines of linens.  You've ordered your samples and the colours work but how do you know which fabric is the right choice for your home?  It doesn't have to be difficult!  We are happy to help you figure it out [...]

Perfect Shades at New Darlings

Seeing our swatches in your space is key! Photo by New Darlings One of the best parts of owning a drapery studio is working with style and design influencers all over North America.  Helping them finish their spaces with perfect window coverings is a little bit awesome!  It's a pleasure to be able to figure [...]

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