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A Fresh Start

Well here it is!  Months (read: years!) in the making, our new and improved online home!  Designing, building and loading a new website is like having a baby, you decide you’re gonna dive and sign on and then there’s A LOT of waiting, planning and decisions, 9 months sounds about right actually!  When it’s finally time to load it all in it’s a bit like the birth…you are excited for the outcome, there’s pain and discomfort and in the end you deliver something new and exciting out into the world!

After it’s all done, you forget the bad bits like when you break something that means you have to reload a gazillion things for the second time, or when you realize every single thing has to have a link added – oy.  But we are here now!

Welcome!  I’m glad you’re here and thank you for following along with our small but mighty drapery studio!  I hope you like our new pricing mechanism and all of the updated photos!  It’s a wee bit nerve racking now that this baby is born, we are expecting the first little bit to be fraught with questions and bits and bobs of things that need tweaking so please reach out if you find a boo boo!


***Photo featured is our newest shade: Luberon Stripe and photo is by Monika Hibbs***

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