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Perfect Shades at New Darlings

Seeing our swatches in your space is key! Photo by New Darlings

One of the best parts of owning a drapery studio is working with style and design influencers all over North America.  Helping them finish their spaces with perfect window coverings is a little bit awesome!  It’s a pleasure to be able to figure out which style, fabric and treatment is best for each beautiful space.  Our work with New Darlings was tricky because they live in an older home with tiny windows inset into casings.  You can see their full post here.

After a few emails back and forth about sizing and fit we decided it was best to make up a couple shades and send them out before we did all 26 shades!  Luckily they had enough room in their casings to make a new home for our perfect shades in House Linen colour Winter in all of their windows and the end result was a beautifully finished window in each space.  The House Linen in Winter is so versatile that they stuck with it throughout which unifies the space and also allows for other items in each space to take centre stage!

We often get asked if roman shades are appropriate for kitchens and bathrooms where moisture is a part of the rooms’ environment and the honest answer is really – maybe.  I always follow up with a few qualifying questions to be sure it’s the right choice for the client’s particular room.

Is there proper ventilation in the space?  If so, then you can put anything in the window and the moisture shouldn’t hurt it.  In a kitchen there is usually a window right above the sink so if you are a super messy dish washer (read: water sprays everywhere or you have a toddler living with you that’s super into dish doing) then you may want to consider keeping your shade up when the dish washing is happening and in my life that seems to be EVERY waking moment!  So if you have a nosy neighbour looking in then maybe romans above your sink aren’t the best choice and you should consider a plastic based product like a roller shade for sanity.

In a bathroom what matters most is how the shower is going to affect the shade.  Is the shower contained by a glass door or curtain?  Where is the window positioned in relation to the shower head?  Is there going to be water droplets landing on the shade?  If water is going to land on the shade then again the best choice is to pick a plastic based product to ensure your shade doesn’t get damaged in a short amount of time.  You can see here in the New Darlings kitchen that the inside mounted roman shades are the perfect choice for over their sink given that there is tile surround mounting outside on the tile would not have been easy or advised so the inside mount shades were the perfect solution!  You need 1″ of mounting space to mount our shades if you are needing them in your own home and we are happy to help figure out the best mounting position and treatment for any window!

Roman shades are perfect for over kitchen sinks.  Photo by New Darlings

Operating our roman shades is easy!  

Photo by New Darlings

We get asked a lot about cord safety for shades and we put safety ahead of all else and you can read more about our safety hints here.  If you have children in the home it’s best to stay away entirely from corded treatments.  Every shade we make is tagged with a safety warning from the headrail manufacturer and we use toggles on the strings which release with just 4lbs of pressure so if there is an issue with a person being caught in a shade the toggle will release the string.

The function of our shades is simple with a continuous chain to operate the shade up and down like a regular hard blind.  You can choose whether you want to operate the shade on the right hand side or the left hand side.  We would normally recommend right hand operation as a standard but on pairs of blinds like the ones shown here often our clients choose one left and one right so the cords are on the outsides of the shade configuration.

Dressing roman shades can also be a bit of a trick and we recommend letting your shades stay up for a week after dressing them the first time so they can “learn” their folds.  I’ve made a YouTube video to show how to dress a roman shade and you can view it here (excuse the poor sound quality, the microphone is on order!).  Scrunchy folds make us sad so I hope this helps you make your roman shades smooth and organized!

We loved working with Christina and Robert on this project, their photos are amazing and really show off how much a perfectly made shade can finish a window even in an older home with special casings.  We are happy to help you too so don’t hesitate to reach out!

***All photos are taken by New Darlings, all shades manufactured by Q. Design***

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