We get asked all the time what the difference is between each of our core lines of linens.  You’ve ordered your samples and the colours work but how do you know which fabric is the right choice for your home?  It doesn’t have to be difficult!  We are happy to help you figure it out so I thought I would start by writing this post about the characteristics of each of our linen fabrics!  Read on for all the information you will need to make your final decision and place your order for our perfect drapery or shades!

House Linen

Our House Linen fabric is one of our best sellers. Available in 17 colours that cross the colour spectrum.  Our colour Winter is by far the most popular as it is a soft white that goes with a wide range palettes.  You can see House Linen in colour Winter on the main floor of Monika Hibbs’ previous home with cotton lining.  All colours can be blackout lined but be mindful it does change the overall look when no light filters through.  We have been so happy with how this fabric performs in all kinds of environments.  It is stable because it’s content is 5% Linen and 95% Polyester.  Being mainly a human made fibre (Polyester), it is reliable, consistent and wrinkle resistant.  It has a looser, uniform, chunky weave and hangs beautifully right out of the box with just a little bit of steam.  It can have thread and fibre flecks throughout because of the 5% Linen content so be prepared for this before you order!  It is also a heavier weight than our 100% Linen.  Where the 100% Linen has a tighter, refined weave, the House Linen has a larger thread and a looser weave giving it an overall look of casual elegance.  All of our drapery is fully lined so the larger weave doesn’t make the drape see through but it does provide a different look than the 100% Linen.

Cozy Linen

Our Cozy Linen is also a huge hit and has almost replaced House Linen as the most popular fabric.  It comes in 7 colours and is the newest addition to our collections.  You can find our Cozy Linen in colour on The Leslie Style’s main floor.  It is a big faker because its content is 33% Cotton and 67% Polyester – no linen at all but yet it has a great linen look and because it’s more than half human-made content it is wrinkle-resistant and has a beautifully smooth hang with minimal effort.  It has a softer more flannel-like finish so it’s great for cozy rooms, hence the name!  Its weave is similar to House Linen but a bit tighter (the threads are closer together) but with the lining, this would be not noticeable to the average eye.  Cozy has been a great addition to our lineup as it has a great white (Swan) and a softer off white (Polar) so with these two colours we are able to suit almost any space that requires a white or soft white drapery selection.

Bronx Linen

Our Bronx Linen looks like a lovely heavy linen fabric but it’s also faking because it has a content of 100% Polyester so it hangs like a dream.  Bronx Linen comes in 5 colours with the most popular being white (Pure).  The weave on this fabric is smooth and uniform and the colour fabrics are variegated so it has a lovely depth to it when hanging.  It’s our newest addition and has been performing spectacularly well.  The best part is it will be wrinkle-resistant like the House and Cozy Linens and hang smoothly with minimal assistance.

100% Linen

Our 100% Linen comes in 16 colours and you can see great shots over at Jillian Harris’ home as we used the colour Oyster throughout or shown here in Tori Wesszer’s bedroom.  Do you love the shabby chic look and feel of your linen pants?  Does that rumpled, soft, natural look really make your heart sing?  If so, our 100% Linen is perfect for you!  It’s made from 100% Linen (duh!) and has a slubby, variated, natural look and hang.  It can have flecks or strands of different colour threads which are inherent in linen fabric.  It will never be perfectly flat and that’s the beauty of it!  Our 100% Linen is also tempermental with humidity in the air and can be known to stretch and shrink up to 4″ with the change to the humidity in the home.  That means in the humid summer months (if you live near us) your drapes could be longer and drag on the floor and when you flip your heat on in the winter they will suck back up to being off the floor by an inch or two.  For shades, the fabric could stretch and pool above the rings in very humid weather and those flat romans won’t ever be perfectly flat!  I say “could” because every home environment is different and some homes are so air conditioned or have a dehumidifier and some homes are super moist.  As long as you know going into your love affair with linen that it won’t behave the way our other fabrics do then you are good to go, embracing this free spirit of a fabric for your drapes and shades!

Audrey Linen

Our Audrey Linen is our other 100% Linen drapery.  It has a thicker hand, more the weight of our House and Cozy Linens.  It still has the lovely slubbing and texture of linen but is a bit heavier and chunkier weave.  Audrey comes in 7 colours and has a content of 15% Linen and 85% Polyester so it still hangs beautifully.  If you want the look of lived in Linen, that natural, rustic appearance and also have a weightier drape then Audrey is for you! Always remember we are happy to help guide you through the fabric selection process!  I hope you will rely on us to make sure you understand our products and their characteristics to be sure they will be a perfect choice for your home.  If you need help with sizing, colour, hardware, pleat style, lining choice or anything at all please reach out and we will be more than happy to work with you to get perfect drapes and shades.  You can also see a video I did on this topic by clicking here.