How on earth can I make the topic of drapery lining sexy?  It’s possible I’m just not that talented but I’m going to give it a whirl!

Figuring out which lining your treatment needs is a key part of the process whether it’s sexy or not!

We always recommend fully lining drapery and so we don’t even offer an unlined option (other than our sheers which traditionally are not lined).

We offer several different options to suit our products and your needs perfectly and I’ve broken them down here to help you figure out what suits you best.

Luberon Plain Shades with Premium Cotton via Monika Hibbs

Premium Cotton

Our most popular choice for lining is our Premium Cotton.  It’s a true white, 100% cotton fabric that is treated with a water and stain repellent finish.  It has a great hand and provides protection to our drapery fabrics while still allowing light to filter through.

Premium Cotton would be considered a privacy lining adding an extra layer of coverage on your windows for night time and is perfect for any space you require privacy in but not room darkening.

We offer this lining on all of our shades and our drapery as it doesn’t effect the fabric colour in any way but beware if the sun filters through a white fabric it will appear more ivory because of the tone of the suns rays (yellow).

Hard Blackout on Perfect Nursery Drapery via Monika Hibbs

Premium Hard Blackout

Our room darkening options come in a hard and a soft version.  The hard blackout is white in colour and has a thick, almost rubberized texture with a softer outer finish.  It’s content is 50% cotton + 50% polyester.

Premium Hard Blackout lining is used on our lighter coloured fabrics for drapery panels to ensure the face fabric colour is not distorted by the grayer tone of the Premium Soft Blackout.  We use this most commonly on our House Linen in Winter, Cozy Linen in Swan or Polar and Grace Linen in Glacier or Salt.  This product cannot be used on our 100% Linen White or Oyster as a heads up as the weight and hand of the 2 fabrics really doesn’t jive at all.

Another key point to be aware of when ordering the lighter coloured fabrics that require the Hard Blackout is that because this product is fully opaque (meaning zero light comes through it) wherever we sew there can be needle holes where light may come through.  This would be most notable on the side hems where the drapery meets in the centre and would only be noticeable if drapery is drawn during daylight hours.  A small compromise for having blackout for sleeping if you ask me!

Premium Soft Blackout Drapery via Jillian Harris

Premium Soft Blackout

The soft version of our blackout options is a light grey colour.  It’s fibre content is 100% polyester.  Because the Premium Soft Blackout is a soft hand fabric, in order to get the room darkening properties it cannot be a true white colour (this would allow light through).  This soft grey colour is what you would see to the road of your home.

The Premium Soft Blackout is used on all of our shades as it is self repairing when punctured by the needle so where the roman shade rings are hand sewn on our shades you get the smallest possible pinhole of light visible when the shades are drawn in daylight hours.  On the lighter coloured shades we add a layer of our Premium Cotton between the face fabric and the grey blackout to minimize the greying of the face fabric.

Premium Soft Blackout is also used on our non-white drapery panels as it hangs softer than the Premium Hard Blackout.  Ideally this is the blackout of choice when the colour of the fabric will not be affected by it.

100% Silk with Premium Cotton and Interlining via Glam Latte


You won’t see Interlining listed as an option on our drapery because it is only used standard on our 100% Silk drapery panels.  Interlining is used between the face fabric and the lining on silks as an added layer of protection from the suns harmful UV rays which deteriorate the silk into tatters on high sunlight windows.  Interlining also creates a more luscious finished look giving more depth to the colour of silks.  When ordering our silk drapery you still have your choice of the Premium Cotton or Premium Blackout as the outer lining depending on your needs and the interlining is always added for you! Always remember we are happy to help guide you through the lining selection process!  I hope you will rely on us to make sure you understand our products and their characteristics to be sure they will be a perfect choice for your home. If you need help with sizing, colour, hardware, pleat style, lining choice or anything at all please reach out and we will be more than happy to work with you to get perfect drapes and shades.

P.S. you can find more information on this topic and others on our YouTube channel here.