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Monika Hibbs Buffalo Check Shade

Monika Hibbs Buffalo Check Shade – a custom collaboration!


We get A LOT of DM’s about getting free drapes from people who haven’t even looked at our website or learned anything about us.  That’s not how we like to roll.  We love to collaborate!  Our #1 way of letting people know how passionate we are about our perfect drapery and shades is by sharing it through influencers in the design community!  We only work with design and lifestyle focused bloggers (sorry, we don’t see an ROI with fashion or family bloggers and we are small, family run shop with a limited marketing budget so we have to be choosy!).

We aren’t interested in a one shot deal with our influencers, we are ALL about relationships.  Do you follow us on social?  Have you looked through our product offering here on our site?  Do you share our values?  Do you: Amplify anti-racist causes? Support the LBGTQIA+ community?  Raise up voices in marginalized groups and share a diverse range of people and things on your feed?  Are you helping the world be a better place and not just a prettier one?  Are you working with good brands and not just the ones that pay the bills?

Do you understand our story?  Our products?  Our vision?  Do you want to work to promote these important parts of our brand to your loyal followers?  We don’t just exchange product for posts, we build relationships and we work with influencers that respect and are knowledgeable about our products which means taking time to learn about us and then sharing it with your folks!

If you are a home decor/design blogger or lifestyle blogger with a focus on design and you’ve read the above and are interested in collaborating on an upcoming project please reach out with your media kit, an outline of your deliverables and project scope.

We usually require 3-4 months to produce collaboration products so don’t wait until the last minute if you want to work with us!  Also, please note we only collaborate on our online collections, custom fabrics would not be applicable for collaborations.

***Please note: we absolutely will not work with influencers that are engaged in purchasing followers, comment pods or any other shady tactics.  Our influencers have followings that are actually engaged and interested in their amazing home design and decor content.***



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